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Geolocate Your Dynamics CRM Data for Better Insights with MappyField 365

Recently, we received an intriguing query from a prospective client. The customer was seeking a solution to geolocate their Dynamics CRM data on a map, aiming to improve their customer visit planning process. Their challenge resonates with many businesses trying to make sense of their data and convert it into actionable insights.

MappyField 365 was the answer to their query. The tool is designed to plot Dynamics CRM data on a map. It brings a new dimension to interpreting customer data by transforming static data sets on a map.

For more details on how that happens, keep reading.

Understanding the Problem

Traditionally, businesses have relied on CRM systems like Microsoft Dynamics CRM to store and manage customer data. These systems are excellent repositories of valuable customer information, including names, contact details, purchase history, and, most importantly, addresses.

However, as our lead’s query highlighted, these data points are often presented as plain text entries in the database, which makes them difficult to interpret.

This conventional way of dealing with customer data has its drawbacks.

  • First, it’s challenging to visualize the geographic distribution of customers. Businesses often struggle to identify clusters of customers or areas where they might need to focus their efforts.
  • Second, planning efficient routes for customer visits can become a complicated and time-consuming task, especially if customers are spread across a large geographic area.

Moreover, the lack of a geolocalised view of customer data means businesses miss out on opportunities for personalized customer engagement.

The problem is clear, businesses need a more effective way to visualize and leverage their Dynamics CRM data for planning customer visits.

MappyField 365 as the Solution

Addressing the challenges faced by businesses in planning customer visits requires a solution that not only plots Dynamics CRM data on a map but also offers features to make this data actionable.

MappyField 365 integrates with Dynamics CRM to turn data into a visually engaging map-based interface. It locates customers on a map, providing businesses with a comprehensive geographical overview of their customer base.

This spatial representation of data offers a better understanding of customer distribution. It helps businesses see where their customers are concentrated and identify patterns that may not be readily apparent from raw CRM data.

But our Dynamics 365 mapping tool does more than just display locations on a map. For instance, when it comes to planning customer visits, the platform offers an optimized routing feature. This feature allows businesses to create the most efficient route based on the customers’ locations, minimizing travel time and maximizing the number of customer visits.

Benefits of Geolocalisation for Customer Visit Planning

1. Enhanced Visualization

With geolocalisation, businesses gain a visual, geographical representation of their customer base. MappyField 365’s map-based interface provides an immediate, intuitive view of customer distribution, making it easy to identify patterns, trends, and customer clusters that may have been overlooked in traditional CRM data view.

2. Improved Route Optimization

The route optimization feature in Dynamics 365 map minimizes the complexity and time involved in planning customer visits. It intelligently plots the most efficient route for customer visits connecting all the visit locations.

3. Proactive Scheduling

With MappyField’s proactive scheduling, managers can design daily schedules of their on-field teams. They can assign each agent with client details and a route that shows the sequence of meeting clients. Prior scheduling simplifies task assigning and work distribution in teams.

4. Personalized Customer Engagement

By understanding the geographical context of customers, businesses can develop and implement personalized engagement strategies. From customizing product offerings to tailoring communication strategies, geolocalisation empowers businesses to enhance customer satisfaction.

5. Time and Cost Savings

Efficient route planning reduces travel time and fuel expenses, while proactive scheduling helps avoid repeated travels to the same regions. The combined effect of these efficiencies can significantly reduce operational costs and time.

6. Strengthened Customer Relationships

Improved efficiency in customer visits and personalized engagement strategies can lead to stronger customer relationships. By ensuring regular and timely engagement, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty, and overall relationship.


MappyField 365, with its capacity to plot Dynamics data on a map, offers businesses an opportunity to visualize their customer data, optimize their planning process, and personalize their customer engagement.

The benefits of geolocalisation show the transformative impact MappyField 365 can have on the business’s customer visit planning process. As we navigate the era of data-driven decision-making, tools like MappyField 365 that offer innovative ways to interpret and utilize data are not just beneficial but essential for business success.

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