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GGEAR Group and LG Electronics “Showcase 2024 Business & Residential Air Conditioner”

GGEAR Group has introduced the LG 2024 series of electronics and placed them on the GGEAR Dealer Portal. The products on display at the Showcase are for home and business refrigeration equipment.

LG Showcase is a showcase of new LG products that have just been introduced to the Cambodian market. This program focuses on promoting the technology and special features of products for business partners of GGEAR Group. The air conditioning equipment on display includes large air conditioners for business, floor stands, air conditioners for offices or small houses, air purifiers, fans, etc.

Heng Senghat, Product Specialist of GGEAR Group, said, “In choosing the air conditioner to enter the Cambodian market, we focus on the energy saving type because it can save the customer’s budget to another level. “Second, LG air conditioners are designed with the comfort of the user in mind, with fresh, clean air.”

Next, he stated that when choosing air conditioners, both business and residential, the company also considers the durability of the product, because it wants customers to last longer and experience the new technology of LG Electronics.

In particular, the design of each product is thoroughly designed in accordance with the lifestyle of the new generation, and it is a decorative piece to enhance the aesthetics in the home more beautiful and comfortable.

Oknha Sok Piseth, General Director of GGEAR Group, said that the products imported and distributed this year cannot be sold below the original price as two years ago, because we are a company that complies with the law to do business properly and pay taxes. The government operates for all products 100%. In fact, we recently received an AEO certification that recognizes and certifies the implementation of the Economic Operator Program, has received approval from the General Department of Customs and Excise of Cambodia, and has also received the Best Business Group Member Certificate.

Oknha recalled that two years ago, the company sold products at a loss because it wanted to stabilize the e-market and help support the business of partners during the economic crisis, as well as competitors compete on unequal prices.

Hor Hab, Chief Business Officer of GGEAR Group said “To facilitate the ordering and management of electronic products, the company has developed a new application called GGEAR Dealer Portal, which is an electronic ordering service through Mobile phones.

He added, “GGEAR Dealer Portal is a program that will provide the first and foremost experience for business partners to move from traditional business to modern digital.” GGEAR Group’s business partners now no longer order electronics by calling or communicating through various systems or meeting face-to-face with company employees, as we have now launched the GGEAR Dealer Portal for mobile ordering. (Read more)

It should be noted that this program will bring business partners of Giga Group and other e-businesses to do business through digital or e-commerce.

Finally, Oknha Sok Piseth, CEO of GGEAR Group, added the future of GGEAR Dealer Portal will be linked to artificial intelligence (AI) and this technology can know and analyze the data of business partners, then show the product needs: high order prices and functions, electronics, functions, and other mobile applications for distribution business partners.

The LG Product Showcase was held at Hyatt Regency Hotel Phnom Penh on the night of February 29, 2024. The event was attended by more than 150 business partners and more than 50 guests of Giga Group and LG Electronics to visit and experience the new LG 2024 series.

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