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GGEAR Group and LG Electronics Unveil Advanced 2024 Business & Residential AC Solutions

GGEAR Group, in partnership with LG Electronics, recently hosted the “LG Showcase 2024” at the luxurious Hyatt Regency Hotel Phnom Penh. The event, held on the 29th of February 2024, marked a significant milestone in the introduction of LG’s 2024 series of electronics to the Cambodian market, specifically targeting the sophisticated needs of modern homes and businesses through displaying modern equipment includes large air conditioners for business, floor stands, air conditioners for offices or small houses, air purifiers, fans, etc.

The LG Showcase 2024, dedicated to presenting LG’s latest innovations, emphasized the importance of technology and special features in air conditioning systems. GGEAR Group, a key distributor, has made these state-of-the-art products accessible on its innovative GGEAR Dealer Portal, revolutionizing how business partners interact with modern digital commerce.

Highlighting the event, Heng Senghat, Product Specialist at GGEAR Group, shared insights into the careful selection process of air conditioners tailored for the Cambodian market. “Our focus is on energy-saving types that significantly lower costs for consumers. LG’s designs ensure user comfort, introducing fresh and purified air into their environments,” he stated. This commitment extends to product durability and the technology’s ability to seamlessly integrate into the lifestyle of the new generation, enhancing aesthetic appeal and comfort within homes.

Echoing the company’s dedication to ethical business practices, Oknha Sok Piseth, General Director of GGEAR Group, underscored that the pricing strategy adheres to legal and tax obligations. “We uphold the law in all our business dealings, ensuring all products are 100% compliant with national standards. Our adherence is evidenced by the recent acquisition of an AEO certification and the recognition as a Best Business Group Member by the General Department of Customs and Excise of Cambodia,” Piseth elaborated.

He nostalgically recalled the company’s efforts during economic uncertainties two years ago, aiming to stabilize the market and support business partners despite financial losses.

Further enhancing GGEAR Group’s customer service experience, Hor Hab, Chief Business Officer, unveiled the GGEAR Dealer Portal. This cutting-edge mobile application simplifies electronic product ordering and management, propelling GGEAR’s business partners from traditional to digital platforms without the need for face-to-face transactions. “The GGEAR Dealer Portal signifies a leap towards modernization, offering an unparalleled first experience for our partners in embracing digital commerce,” Hab added. (Read more)

The future of the GGEAR Dealer Portal promises integration with artificial intelligence, which will revolutionize how business partners interact with the platform, offering tailored product recommendations and insights into demand trends.

The LG Showcase 2024 attracted over 150 business partners and more than 50 distinguished guests from GGEAR and LG Electronics. This gathering not only celebrated the unveiling of cutting-edge air conditioning solutions but also fostered stronger partnerships and paved the way for a future where comfort, efficiency, and style converge seamlessly in air conditioning technology. With a focus on sustainability, aesthetic integration, and digital convenience, they are poised to redefine how we experience comfort and efficiency in our living and working spaces.

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