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Google Pixel Tablet coming in 2023: What we know so far

The Pixel Tablet was first teased at Google’s annual developer conference Google I/O in 2022, it was then expanded on at the Made by Google event in October 2022.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a first-party Android tablet from Google, with the most recent being the Pixel C, way back in 2015 and since then, Google has flip-flopped back and forth, saying it was pulling out of the tablet market, before announcing its return with this new model, the Pixel Tablet. There’s a lot of excitement about this device, so we’ve gathered up everything you need to know, right here.

  • Sometime in 2023
  • Possibly on sale 10 May

Google originally said it was aiming to make the Pixel Tablet available in 2023, so there’s been a year of teasing about this device. It didn’t appear at the October hardware event, so the next logical launch event you be Google I/O 2023.

The Google developer event is the perfect venue for the launch of this device, but so far nothing is confirmed. Google I/O is taking place on 10 May, so that could see the order book opening for the Pixel Tablet.

Google Pixel Tablet price

  • Pixel Tablet US price: TBC
  • Pixel Tablet UK price: TBC

Pricing hasn’t been revealed, but Google described it as a “premium-style” tablet, suggesting that it may be priced closer to an iPad than a budget Android tablet. Given the Tensor chipset on board, that makes a lot of sense.

The dock is supposedly going to be included in the box – and will reportedly sell separately for $129 – so it’s not likely to be a budget device.

Evan Blass

Google Pixel Tablet specs

  • Google Tensor G2 powered
  • 10.95in display (rumoured)
  • 128/256GB storage (rumoured)

Google hasn’t revealed the screen size, but it initially said it would be “on the larger side”. Leaks have suggested that it is 10.95 inches. From the images and footage shown, it looks like it could be around the same size as the iPad Air.

The Pixel Tablet will be powered by Google Tensor G2, the same powerful hardware found in the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. This means it will be an extremely capable device, not using lower-spec hardware that you’d typically find in a Nest Hub. Importantly, it will also mean it has dedicated hardware for running AI and suggesting it will be as capable as Google’s phones. It’s said to have 128 or 256GB storage options,

Google Pixel tablet: Everything we know so far photo 8

There is also a camera on the back of the tablet in the corner and there will be one on the front. Both are said to be 8-megapixels, using a Sony IMX355 sensor.

The Home Screen UI was shown with app icons for Photos, Google TV, Drive, Keep, Sheets, Docs, Play Store, as well as widgets for the weather and date and even a Google search bar (with what looks like a Google Assistant mic and Google Lens symbol in the search field). There was also a menu bar alongside search with app icons for Gmail, Chrome, YouTube, etc., and it’s likely that the Tablet software is going to be more important than the hardware for this device.

Aside from what Google showed in its teaser video and discussed on stage at Made by Google, confirmed details are thin on the ground.

The tablet is manufactured using a new coating process, which applies a nano-ceramic coating over the device’s aluminium chassis. Google says the new finish is inspired by porcelain, so we imagine it will be cool to the touch.

Google Pixel tablet render

At first glance, the new coating reminded us of the Google Pixel 5, but since that had a more plastic feel on the hand, it might not be so similar. We also noticed that there are at least two versions of the tablet, one with a white bezel and one with a black bezel, so we expect a choice of two or more colour options.

Leaks have backed this up, but it’s widely reported that the Pixel tablet will be sold with four colour options – this is backed up by Evan Blass showing off four different home page designs, suggesting each is from a different colour of tablet.

Aesthetically, the docked Pixel Tablet It looks a lot like a Nest Hub display, and it turns out there’s a reason for that. The Pixel Tablet can be paired with a magnetic speaker dock that essentially turns it into a giant Nest Hub while keeping the tablet charged up. Like the Show Mode dock for the Amazon Fire tablet, this will mean that when you’re not using your tablet, it’s not just an inert slab, it can be doing something else.

Google Pixel tablet: Everything we know so far photo 9

The dock will boost the device’s audio capabilities so you can just attach it and seamlessly start enjoying music or TV shows with excellent sound. Google said this feature is designed to “transition from a delightful part of your home to an entertainment device you can take anywhere – making it one of the most versatile and adaptable tablets ever … It transforms your tablet from something that sits in your drawer to an integral part of your life.”

In the time since launch, leaks have confirmed that the dock will be included as standard, and additional docks will be made available to purchase separately. The additional docks will reportedly retail for $129, which hints at a premium price for the tablet, but might mean you’ll be able to dock your tablet in different rooms around the home.

Google Pixel tablet docked

Google also mentioned that smart home controls will always be easily accessible by voice or touch, so it could prove to be an extremely useful tool for controlling your automation and we’d expect it to function much like a Nest Hub.

Want to know more?

Watch Google announce the Pixel tablet at 3:05:00 below:

Then, you can watch below as more details are announced at 1:06:33.

Google Pixel tablet: All the news so far

Here’s everything we’ve heard about the Pixel Tablet through official releases and leaks.

2 May 2023: Evan Blass shares official Pixel Tablet images

Even Blass has revealed images of the forthcoming Pixel Tablet, giving a closer look at some of the homescreen themes.

24 April 2023: Google Pixel Tablet struts its stuff at Milan Design Week

The Pixel Tablet surfaced at Milan Design Week, showing off the design. You can take a look right here.

19 April 2023: Google Pixel Tablet leak details colours and a big surprise

This latest leak comes courtesy of the folks at 9to5Google, with the outlet reporting that the Pixel Tablet will come with four colour options.

16 January 2023: Google readies Fast Pair support for the Pixel Tablet

The Google Pixel tablet will support your favourite stylus and Google is adding Fast Pair support.

6 October 2022: Google Pixel Tablet will become a Nest Hub thanks to a charging Speaker Dock

Google has used its Made by Google event to share some more details about the forthcoming Pixel Tablet.

22 September 2022: Pixel Tablet specs revealed

Details passed to 91mobiles report on the forthcoming specs of the Pixel Tablet.

2 September 2022: Pixel Tablet could use first-gen Tensor hardware

Details lurking in the code for Android point to the Pixel Tablet using Google Tensor.

26 July 2022: Pixel Tablet camera specs are leaked

Kuba Wojciechowski has revealed camera specs for a range of forthcoming Pixel devices, including the Pixel Tablet.

30 May 2022: Google Pixel Tablet tipped to come with stylus support

According to the Universal Stylus Initiative there’s now an entry for a Google tablet on the list, suggesting the Pixel Tablet might support pen input.

11 May 2022: Google reentering Android tablet market in 2023

Google plans to return to the field with an unnamed Android tablet teased during Google I/O 2022. We don’t know a whole lot about it right now, but the design was shown during the event and it was confirmed to run on Google Tensor – the software giant’s own silicon that currently powers the Pixel 6 series phones.


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