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How our new Motive Card feature helps fleets identify and reduce fuel theft.

During uncertain economic times, fleets need to know their service providers are committed to innovating for maximum efficiency and cost savings. At Motive, we’re showing our commitment with our latest fraud reduction feature for Motive Card customers. The new feature flags suspicious activity based on location and spend data, and alerts fleets of potential fuel theft or fraud when the vehicle location doesn’t match the spend location at the time of purchase. 


Motive customers using both our Motive Card and fleet management products can maximize the benefits of data sharing on the single Motive platform to identify fuel purchase irregularities. These kinds of actionable data correlations aren’t available from traditional fleet card providers.

All new: Identify suspicious fuel purchases with Vehicle and Spend Location Mismatch Alerts

Suspicious fleet card transactions appear on the Motive Fleet Dashboard based on location mismatch, which indicates that the location of the vehicle is not in the vicinity of the fuel station where fuel was purchased.

Fleet managers will see the following in a location mismatch alert:

  • A reason with a description of what the irregularity is (like vehicle movement or location)
  • Vehicle location at time of fuel purchase
  • Fuel merchant location
  • Time and date of purchase
  • Fuel volume purchased
  • Distance between the vehicle location and fuel station

Why did we introduce the Vehicle and Spend Location Mismatch fraud detection feature?

Fuel theft continues to be a persistent problem for commercial fleet companies, with most fleet managers estimating that up to 5% of fuel costs are lost to fraud. Fleets put their business at risk of unauthorized spending and theft if they lack an easy way to set up the proper controls and compare vehicle and card locations.

Motive’s spend controls and fuel theft detection technology give fleets an easy way to set up security and category controls, receive potential theft alerts, and confirm or deny transactions flagged as possible theft. Together, all of this helps our customers save money and increase security.

How will fleets benefit from the Motive Card with Vehicle and Spend Location Mismatch?

The Motive Card’s Vehicle and Spend Location Mismatch fraud detection feature gives fleets near real-time visibility into suspicious fuel purchases, backed by vehicle location data and spend location, which allows fleet managers to take action to mitigate theft. 

Fleet managers no longer need to spend hours going through transaction statements trying to identify theft after the fact. With this new capability, fleet managers will be able to reduce unauthorized spending, theft, and fraud. When alerted to suspicious fuel transactions, fleet managers can quickly freeze cards, identify the location of vehicles, or message drivers.

Freeze cards quickly from the transaction details:


Identify where the actual location was at time of purchase:


What are the advantages of using a fleet card with an integrated spend and fleet management platform?

Fleets will see the most benefits when they combine the Motive Card and spend management application with our integrated fleet management solution. This all-in-one platform will help fleets: 

  • Save money with discounts on fleet expenses, including maintenance and thousands of fuel locations. Best of all, the Motive Card includes no hidden fees.
  • Mitigate fraud with cards that provide increased security measures such as vendor and fuel type restrictions, driver identification, and the flexibility to set smart card locks and unlocks to minimize fraud and misuse.
  • Improve productivity by automating IFTA calculation and reporting, bookkeeping, and other manual processes, all resulting in time savings.

Reduce fuel inefficiency with a full view of fuel purchasing, efficiency, and consumption for maximum saving and areas to optimize.

Apply for the Motive Card today to unlock more savings

Using the Motive Card will help you detect theft, increase profitability, and maintain visibility into fuel spend, all while getting discounts on fuel and maintenance at thousands of partner locations.

Take fuel theft detection and fleet operations to the next level today and apply for the Motive Card. Want to learn more? Book a consultation with one of our Savings Experts to review your fuel transactions and learn how the Motive Card can help you save.


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