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How Pai International Electronics Limited is pioneering the future of electronics retail with seamless digital and in-person shopping experiences

As digital convenience continues to transform shopping habits, Pai International Electronics Limited stands at the vanguard of revolutionising the electronics and appliance retail industry. In this modern age, where online marketplaces are favoured for their extensive selections and competitive prices, Pai International sets itself apart by seamlessly integrating digital and in-person shopping experiences.Established in the bustling Indiranagar neighbourhood of Bangalore in 2000, Pai International has remarkably expanded its presence, now boasting a diverse network of 89 multi-brand stores, 111 mobile stores, and 17 furniture outlets, amounting to a total of 217 stores spread across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, and Karnataka. The company is renowned for its vast array of products, including home entertainment, small appliances, white goods, laptops, mobiles, and furniture. By partnering with globally acclaimed brands such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Intel, Sony, Dell, HP, Haier, Godrej, Prestige, and Glen, Pai International guarantees an extensive and varied selection for its customers.Aligning with the digital age, Pai International fervently enhances its online presence, offering competitive pricing and prompt delivery. Customers can explore its exclusive online deals and the latest technological advancements on itswebsite.Pai International’s product range caters to a multitude of technological needs, featuring everything from the newest smartphones to energy-efficient appliances. This season, the company highlights its ‘lowest price challenge,’ a popular offer where customers receive three times the price difference if they find a lower price elsewhere*. Pai International’s commitment extends beyond sales, focusing on comprehensive after-sales support to ensure a smooth and continuous technological experience for its customers.

The company is synonymous with enthralling offers and events. Notably, the esteemed ‘Pai Genuine Lucky Coupon Draw,’ conducted quarterly, has awarded customers with 320 cars, 320 bikes, and numerous other prizes over the past 22 years. In addition, Pai International has distributed over 64.56 crores in Pai loyalty points, 2.65 crores in cash prizes, 22.64 crores in free shopping, and 7.32 crores worth of gold coins, along with a multitude of electronic items.

Customers are invited to experience the excellence of Pai premium stores, where a world-class shopping experience, a wide assortment of products, and superior customer service await. The success of Pai International’s 217 stores across South India is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence. Join the Pai International family and be part of the evolving future of electronics retail. For more information and to participate in upcoming events, visit

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