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IIT-Kanpur, NMTronics to launch centre for electronics manufacturing

Kanpur: The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK) andNMTronicsIndia Private Limited have announced partnership for launch of the ‘NMTronics Centre of Excellence forElectronicsManufacturing and Skills Development’ at the institute. This collaboration signifies a major advancement in the synergy between industry and academia, promising ground-breaking research, technological innovation, and skill development in the field of electronics manufacturing.This initiative was formalized through signing of the MoU by Prof.Kantesh Balani, dean of resources and alumni,IITKanpur, and Soni Saran Singh, CEO, founder, and managing director of NMTronics India in presence of Prof. S. Ganesh, director, IIT Kanpur.The centre aims to foster collaboration in research and development while providing advanced learning opportunities through IIT Kanpur’s learning and development programs. It will be equipped with cutting-edge technology, including a fully automated Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Line.Prof. S. Ganesh while emphasizing the significance of the collaboration said “It is a significant milestone in IIT-Kanpur’s commitment to fostering industry-academia partnerships and delivering unparalleled technological expertise to students and all other stakeholders. It provides a platform for joint research, knowledge exchange, and skill enhancement, fostering an environment conducive to innovation and technological breakthroughs”.This facility is expected to be operational by August 2024 on the IIT Kanpur campus. It will offer support for IIT Kanpur’s course curriculum, provide advanced certification programs for industry professionals, and serve as a new product introduction (NPI) site for startups and small businesses..

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