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India Targets 4.5 Million Jobs In Electronics…

New Delhi, Feb 29 (KNN) S Krishnan, Secretary of the Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY), disclosed that India currently sustains a workforce of 2 million in the electronics manufacturing sector.

Krishnan articulated the Centre’s ambition to significantly increase job opportunities in the sector, aiming for a target of 4.5 million positions, on Wednesday.

Addressing the significance of semiconductors, at an industrial event, Krishnan emphasised the sector’s potential for growth over the next five to ten years, welcoming more companies into this space.

He stressed India’s open interest in semiconductor technology, aiming for substantial expansion in this domain.

Krishnan stated, “Semiconductors is the other big space. More companies are likely to come into the space. And I think that is the space to launch over the next five to ten years. And our interest in semiconductors is open.”

“We have close to 2 million people who are employed in the electronics manufacturing sector, and we’d like to go up to about 4.5 million as well,” he further added.

The event, held in collaboration with the Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY) and other government ministries, is being organised by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI).

Krishnan underscored the urgent need for India to cultivate a robust digital economy, targeting a milestone of USD 2 billion.

He emphasised the importance of leveraging emerging technologies across various sectors to achieve this goal, advocating active participation and development in the digital landscape over the coming years.

Recognising the critical role of regulation in safeguarding user information and ensuring consumer protection, Krishnan highlighted the MeitY’s commitment to formulating comprehensive regulations.

He emphasised the necessity for regulators to collaborate closely and maintain ongoing dialogue with companies in the technology sector to address diverse requirements effectively.

Efforts are underway to enhance the Digital India Act with additional elements to address significant issues related to cybersecurity and regulatory controls.

Krishnan reiterated the government’s focus on regulating and fostering a conducive environment for the electronics industry’s growth, emphasising the importance of cybersecurity in this endeavour.

(KNN Bureau)


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