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Little Caesar’s Franchisee Expands Portfolio With PayMore Electronics Deal


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February 29, 2024 // // NEW YORK – PayMore Stores proudly announces an eight-unit deal in Utah with veteran Little Caesar’s franchisee, Wes Swaney.

Wes Swaney, a 36-year resident of southern Utah, started out at 15 years old in the restaurant industry with his grandfather who owned multiple diners. As his career unfolded in the restaurant industry, he began securing various management positions, and eventually, found a home at Little Caesars, where he dedicated an impressive 35 years. After looking at franchise concepts, he decided to diversify his portfolio with PayMore.

Reflecting on his extensive experience in the food service industry, Swaney emphasizes the importance of providing value to customers. He sees PayMore as an ultimate value brand, seamlessly weaving value into its operating system.

“Little Caesars taught me a fundamental truth: people need and desire value. When I discovered PayMore, it became abundantly clear that it is an ultimate value brand,” Swaney explained. “Value never dies, and PayMore has seamlessly woven value into their entire operating system.” Said Swaney.



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