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Major electronics brand to develop robots that can PARK & charge your EV for you

DODGY maneuveres could soon be a thing of past as a leading electronics company is developing car parking robots.

The brand – Bosch – will give electric car owners the option to have their car parked and charging via a flick of a button on their phone.


The system is the world’s first automated, driverless parking function (SAE Level 4).Credit: YouTube/@boschmobility


Driver’s only have to use an app on their phone to have their whip parked and charged while they crack on with their dayCredit: YouTube/@boschmobility

The global company has recently updated motorists on their system – that is operated via a smartphone app – which aims to shake-up the way punters park their motors.

Speaking at a CES tech show in Las Vegas recently, Bosch board member Tanja Rückert said that inovation is a huge part of the companies work and believes charging EVs is a “stumbling block” in their uptake.

The system is the world’s first automated, driverless parking function (SAE Level 4), reports Autocar.

The system works with a combination of a driverless valet parking function and charging robotics that will keep the whip juiced up while parked.

Essentially, all the driver will have to do when arriving at a location with the fancy tech is get out of the car, hit a button on their app and let the parking robots do the rest.

And what’s even more useful is that once the car it fully juiced, the robot knocks the charging off and parks it in an empty space ready for the driver’s return.

The system was approved for commercial use in 2022 and will not require brand new garages to be built in order to be installed.

As it stands, the parking bots are being designed to be placed in existing garages that already have automated valet parking, or in garages where both are yet to have been installed.

The clever system has already been installed in Stuggart airport’s parking garages for a year and has been coined as the world’s first level-four autonomous parking service.

At the same time, the automated valet charging system is being tested at Cariad’s staff car park in Ingolstadt as well as Bosch’s development parking garage in Ludwigsburg.

Company execs at Bosch believe that the best way to encourage electric-only driving is to increase the convenience of them – so auto-parking bots that can charge EV motors as well may be the clincher in convincing soon-to-be drivers to make the switch to electric.

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The system is said to be a world-first and can be installed in already-built garagesCredit: YouTube/@boschmobility


Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular as the public becomes more conscious of climate issuesCredit: YouTube/@boschmobility 

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