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Midwest 3PL – Building an Indianapolis Warehouse Network

MD Logistics Indianapolis Warehouse location


*This is the first installment in a blog series exploring the geographic locations in which MD Logistics operates state of the art pharmaceutical logistics facilities and the strategic decision to have a presence in these locations. This first blog will explore building an Indianapolis warehouse network.

Building a successful logistics network is not something that happens overnight. It is often a long process which requires a great deal of analysis and a thorough review of access points, coupled with a definite understanding of the industries served.  In 1996, Mark Sell and Dave Kiebach decided to put their countless years of experience working within the freight forwarding industry together, to use their expertise to better serve the life sciences and pharmaceuticals industry. Thus, MD Logistics got its start. Born out of a need to better serve the client, MD Logistics has been a leader in pharmaceutical logistics for more than 25 years. With six warehouses in 3 different states, a presence on both coasts and headquarters fortified in the Midwest, how did MDL get its start and why was each location strategically chosen? We will explore this and the decision to build a successful Indianapolis warehouse network.

There are a variety of different aspects that go into building a successful logistics network. Knowledge and experience will only get you so far. Location, proximity to the customer and access to a strong distribution network, are contributing factors in deciding where to build a logistics network. Indiana’s unique geographical location, provided the ease of access to build the first MD Logistics Indianapolis warehouse. Since then, the MD Logistics Indianapolis warehouse network has grown to four locations, three of which primarily serve the life sciences and pharmaceuticals industry.

Known as the ‘Crossroads of America’, Indianapolis offers many unique advantages for the movement of product through a company’s supply chain. These advantages make an Indianapolis warehouse an attractive option for a distribution center and contributed to the decision to make Indianapolis home to MD Logistics corporate headquarters.

Ease of transportation. In the logistics industry, being able to quickly, safely and efficiently transport products to their next destination is paramount to the success of your business. Indiana offers a unique ease in the flow of goods with close proximity to three major ports of entry, five major interstate systems and the sixth largest cargo center in the nation, the Indianapolis International Airport. The state of Indiana, as a whole, is first in the nation in pass-through highways. The ease in which product can flow through the state makes it a natural fit for a logistics center.  

Proximity. Many of the products within the life sciences industry have specific storage parameters that have to be maintained, especially during the shipping process. Indiana’s central location allows for a 48 hour ground shipping window to over 65% of the United States. Indianapolis is also home to the second largest FedEx Air Hub, worldwide, and is within close proximity to the UPS Worldport hub in Louisville, KY. This permits product to quickly be delivered from the MD Logistics warehouse to the next point in the supply chain. A short shipping window helps to ensure that all product is kept within temperature range while in transit.

Business climate. In general, the state of Indiana offers an attractive tax climate and state sponsored incentives to any company desiring to do business within the state. This contributed to the state earning a top ranking in attractiveness in the cost of doing business and is a primary driver for new business relocating to the state.

The numerous advantages that the state of Indiana offers the logistics industry makes it a natural fit to build a warehouse network. After MD Logistics established their first Indianapolis warehouse in 1996, it became apparent that existing customers and the greater life sciences and pharmaceutical industry needed more of their services in this specific geographic area. The close proximity to the Port of Chicago, which receives international container ship traffic via the St. Lawrence Seaway, solidified their client’s need to have a large presence in the Midwest. Subsequently, MD Logistics opened additional, state of the art, multi-client facilities dedicated to clients in the life sciences and pharmaceuticals industry in 2016 and 2019. In addition to these life science facilities, MD Logistics also operates a facility which services the retail and consumer goods industry. While MD Logistics corporate headquarters and the majority of their warehouse network is located in Indianapolis, they also have a presence on both coasts, operating facilities in Reno, NV and Garner, NC.

As demand continues to grow for readily available cGMP, temperature controlled pharmaceutical storage, there is an opportunity to grow the MD Logistics Indianapolis warehouse network further. In anticipation for future growth, we are continually looking for additional opportunities to expand the MD Logistics network in Indiana. If you are looking for a Midwest 3PL to handle your pharmaceutical supply chain, reach out to our team of experienced, supply chain experts today!


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