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Minister Electronics’ ‘Nirbachoni Offer’ extended till end of January

Although the national elections are over, the point of attraction of the customers towards Minister Electronics’ Nirbachoni Offer’ has not decreased.

Due to the widespread response and demand for customers, the ongoing offer has been extended.

Now, throughout January, customers will be able to buy their favorite Minister products at affordable prices.

This offer contains up to 53% off on the LED TVs and refrigerators of the Minster. There are also easy installment facilities on all products on 0% down payment.

When the whole country was in the heat and excitement of the 12th National Parliament Election of Bangladesh, the popular electronics company of the country, ‘Minister’ brought the much discussed ‘Nirbachoni Offer’ to the customers to increase the heat and excitement of the election.

In the ‘Nirbachoni Offer’, customers are getting incredible discounts on any of the Minister’s electronics products.

This offer includes a 53% discount on selected models of TVs from the Minister.

For example, the 24-inch Deluxe LED TV is available for just Tk8,999 and the 32-inch Deluxe LED TV is available for just Tk11,999.

The offer is not only on TVs, it includes the biggest discount ever on refrigerators too.

Customers are getting a 53% flat discount on the purchase of the Minister 600 liter fridge (with the latest technology and design) with an offer price of Tk77,760.

In ‘Nirbachoni Offer’, apart from refrigerators and TVs, minister AC is also available at an incredible affordable price.

Customers will get a 22% discount and free installation charges on the cash purchase of Minister AC.

This offer is also applicable to all home appliance products from Minster.

Customers are getting a cash voucher of Tk3,000 on the purchase of any model of Minister washing machine.

Also, a 2.8 liter rice cooker is available with the purchase of a 28 liter grill capacity microwave oven, and a mosquito bat is free with the purchase of a 25 liter grill capacity microwave oven.

When asked about the ‘Nirbachoni Offer’, the company’s head of brand Sohel Kibria said: “Minister is the company of the people of the country. Our company makes offers keeping in mind the capabilities and benefits of the local people. This time, too, we did not fail. We are very happy to see the huge response of the customers to our offer around the elections. People are able to buy the things they need within their affordability. So we have extended the period of the offer, keeping in mind the needs of the customers. I don’t know if there is any other company in the market with such a big discount currently. Not only on TVs but also on all products, including refrigerators, there is an incredible discount. We hope customers will welcome this extended period offer as well.”

“Minister Electronics does not make any concessions on the quality of the product. We manufacture products with the highest quality standards and deliver them to our customers at affordable prices. Customer satisfaction is our main goal,” he added.


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