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MTS launches R&D division to develop high-tech solutions for auto industry electronics

26 Jan 2024 15:49

MOSCOW. Jan 26 (Interfax) – The Unified State Register of Legal Entities shows that PJSC MTS established a new legal entity on January 24 called MTS iCar LLC. The company announced on Friday that the LLC would be a design bureau for the development and implementation of high-tech solutions and electronics for the automotive industry.

The new company will become part of the MTS Auto business vertical and will perform the functions of a design bureau, laboratory and experimental production company. Meanwhile, the company will develop design documentation and software for the production of automotive electronics, which will be used at an automotive components plant in the Alabushevo Technopolis Special Economic Zone.

MTS iCar will also search for alternative solutions and technologies that are in short supply in the Russian and Asian markets and will provide domestic automotive industry enterprises with engineering and prototyping services, as well as technical documentation and supervision in the development and implementation of digital solutions. Based on automakers’ orders, the company would develop and publish R&D documentation for the implementation of special investment contracts as part of Russian government Decree 719 on the localization of production.

The focus of MTS Auto is the provision of high-speed Internet in cars, the development of multimedia devices, comfort and telematics systems, and hardware solutions for safe driving.

Since March last year, the company owns 100% of Di Wai Technologies LLC, which is engaged in the construction of a plant for the industrial production of auto electronics on the territory of the Alabushevo Technopolis SEZ. The enterprise is included in the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry’s AK-2035 program to provide automakers with critical automotive industry components and materials.

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