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Neousys PCIe-GL26 camera frame grabber card

Backplane Systems Technology is has launched the Neousys PCIe-GL26, an AI-enabled 6-port GMSL2 camera frame grabber card designed to enhance automotive vision systems and autonomous vehicle technologies. Equipped with six GMSL2 FAKRA Z inputs, it supports automotive GMSL2 cameras, making it a versatile solution for integrating advanced vision capabilities into automotive applications.

This industrial-grade frame grabber is a turnkey solution that includes pre-installed drivers for selected GMSL2 cameras, along with video streaming sample codes, simplifying the integration process. It features the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX, bundled with JetPack 4.6.1, to deliver 21 TOPS of AI performance. This enables the device to handle up to 22 streams of 1080p@30FPS video encoding simultaneously.

The card features a dual Gen3 PCI Express interface offering a total bandwidth of 10 Gbps, a GPS PPS input for frame synchronisation and connectivity options including isolated CAN 2.0 and RS232 ports. The camera frame grabber card is designed to operate in a range of temperatures, from -25 to 60°C, with adequate airflow.

Suitable for use in autonomous vehicles and computer vision applications in varying outdoor lighting conditions, the PCIe-GL26 enables high-quality image capture with minimal latency. Its ability to support up to 24x GMSL2 camera streams across multiple cards in a single system, along with its synchronisation features, makes it suitable for advanced ADAS or autonomous driving systems seeking AI-driven sensor fusion.


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