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Oracle’s generative AI strategy

Artificial intelligence (AI) is fundamentally changing the way that we interact with the world. This change presents both opportunities and challenges for organizations that want to take advantage of new AI technologies. Nowhere is this idea truer than with generative AI. Generative AI models combine the ability to assimilate knowledge from many sources and use it to automate tasks and enhance human creativity and productivity. Using this technology, organizations can summarize documents, build tables, create new and meaningful text, generate code, and synthesize ideas.

Many vendors are trying to move quickly in this space, but no one is addressing the specific, end-to-end needs of enterprise customers with generative AI.

Oracle’s strategy aims at the enterprise

Oracle’s strategy is built around the reality that enterprises work with AI through three different modalities: Infrastructure, models and services, and within applications.

First, we provide a robust infrastructure for training and serving models at scale. Through our partnership with NVIDIA, we can give customers superclusters, which are powered by the latest GPUs in the market connected together with an ultra-low-latency RDMA over converged ethernet (RoCE) network. This solution provides a highly performant, cost-effective method for training generative AI models at scale. Many AI startups like Adept and MosaicML are building their products directly on OCI.

Second, we provide easy-to-use cloud services for developers and scientists to utilize in fully managed implementations. We’re enabling new generative AI services and business functions through our partnership with Cohere, a leading generative AI company for enterprise-grade large language models (LLMs). Through our partnership with Cohere, we’re building a new generative AI service. This upcoming AI service, OCI Generative AI, enables OCI customers to add generative AI capabilities to their own applications and workflows through simple APIs.

Third, we embed generative models into the applications and workflows that business users use every day. Oracle plans to embed generative AI from Cohere into its Fusion, NetSuite, and our vertical software-as-a-service (SaaS) portfolio to create solutions that provide organizations with the full power of generative AI immediately. Across industries, Oracle can provide native generative AI-based features to help organizations automate key business functions, improve decision-making, and enhance customer experiences. For example, in healthcare, Oracle Cerner manages billions of electronic health records (EHR). Using anonymized data, Oracle can create generative models adapted to the healthcare domain, such as automatically generating a patient discharge summary or a letter of authorization for medical insurance.

Oracle’s generative AI offerings span applications to infrastructure and provide the highest levels of security, performance, efficiency, and value.

The Oracle difference for generative AI

Many major cloud providers are coming out with generative AI offerings right now. But what makes Oracle best suited for generative AI? Some of the differences are clear, such as an established history of storing the world’s most business-critical, valuable data, a modern data platform, and low-cost, high-performance AI infrastructure.

However, more factors demonstrate why Oracle can declare that its generative AI offering is truly built for enterprises with an approach that spans considerations, such as cloud-to-on-premises data, deployment to business apps, security, data privacy, and now the best LLMs for enterprise success.

Powerful and high-performing models

Oracle works to create the best models for your organization using its unique data and industry knowledge. From acquisitions, such as Cerner, and experience through our suite of business apps, Oracle trains specialized models that are unique to verticals and our industry-leading SaaS solutions. But Oracle’s approach further enables organizations to refine these prebuilt models using their own data, so the models understand an organization’s business like no other.

Unrivaled data security, privacy, and governance

As customers refine and train prebuilt generative AI models with their own data, they can also trust that Oracle continues to fully protect data. Unlike other generative AI offerings, Oracle’s generative AI doesn’t mix customer data. The models trained by customers are unique to them, and tools for accessing data provenance and lineage are available. Oracle protect data privacy and sovereignty.

Embedded generative AI services

Oracle is integrating and embedding AI across its portfolio of cloud applications, including CRM, ERP, HCM, CX and EMR applications. In addition, Oracle is making generative AI capabilities available in its database portfolio in the same way that it introduced machine learning (ML) features in Oracle Database service and MySQL HeatWave.

Generative AI available wherever customers need it

Customers can use Oracle’s upcoming OCI Generative AI service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and reap all the benefits of public cloud: Pay for what you use, scale on demand, customize models, and create private model endpoints.

Oracle can also deliver the complete AI stack to organizations’ data centers with cloud deployment options, such as OCI Dedicated Region, to enable organizations to combine generative AI capabilities together with their on-premises data and applications.

Join the AI revolution

As Oracle Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison highlighted in the Q4 FY23 earnings call, a technology revolution is dawning, one in which AI plays a central role. Oracle envisions a world where AI models can help humans more quickly extract insights from enterprise data, augment human creativity and empower human-centric interfaces to solve real-world problems. Join the revolution with Oracle!

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*Reproduced with permission from Oracle.


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