Quantinuum has had ongoing efforts to increase the quality level of its qubits and periodically announces new records in achieving the Quantum Volume metric originally defined by IBM. Their previous record was 216 or 65,536 which they achieved on the recently announced H2 processor, but now they are reporting they have achieved a Quantum Volume measure of 219 or 524,288 on their previous generation H1-1 processor. This is a result of Quantinuum engineers’ work to determine the sources of errors and then methods to reduce them. The improvement they have found will also be made on Quantinuum’s H1-2 and H2 processors. Another metric the company reported was achieving a two-qubit gate error rate of 0.13% which they say is the best in the industry. The company has committed to increase their performance to this measure by at least a factor of 10x every year. A press release from Quantinuum announcing the new Quantum Volume record has been posted on their website here and the detailed data from their Quantum Volume testing has been posted on GitHub here.

June 30, 2023