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Riverbed announced new Intelligent Service Desk capabilities

Riverbed Aternity’s Intelligent Service Desk capabilities resolve issues without human intervention, preventing incidents and dramatically reducing costs

Riverbed, the leader in unified observability, today announced the industry’s most advanced AI-driven automated remediation, with the addition of customizable runbooks (Riverbed automation) and integrated sentiment analysis to Aternity’s Intelligent Service Desk. The customizable runbooks in Aternity enable more sophisticated remediations—replicating advanced investigations by correlating end-user impact and real-time granular performance data to identify incident root cause in order to tackle IT’s most challenging issues. The new Intelligent Service Desk capabilities also enable IT to understand end-user satisfaction through the integration of sentiment analysis across remediation workflows, from issue detection to resolution.

LinkedIn: Riverbed delivers most advanced AI-driven automated remediation—adding runbooks and sentiment analysis to Aternity’s Intelligent Service Desk capabilities:

The proliferation of workplace applications and the rising expectations for service quality among today’s digital workforce have led to a critical increase in incident volume and complexity. Traditional service desks are often overburdened with tickets, resulting in inefficiencies, inconsistent IT service delivery, and escalating costs. Moreover, IT teams are frequently inundated with monitoring events that may not directly impact the end-user experience, leading to longer resolution times and higher error rates for critical issues. Siloed IT operations further exacerbate the problem by limiting knowledge reuse and hindering automated remediations with accurate root cause insights and analysis.

Aternity’s Intelligent Service Desk dynamically models expert decision-making and logic-driven remediation by leveraging customizable runbooks. Unlike other DEX offerings that utilize numerous remediation scripts for narrow use cases, Aternity’s Intelligent Service Desk enables broader AI-driven automation capacity, eliminating the need for human intervention. For unresolved issues, an IT service management (ITSM) ticket is routed to the right level with the necessary context for swift resolution. Now, Aternity’s flexible automation logic streamlines and correlates user feedback via Sentiment Surveys, enabling optimal engagement levels to resolve simple and complex issues efficiently.

Key features and benefits of Riverbed Aternity’s Intelligent Service Desk integration include:

AI-Driven Correlation and Anomaly Detection of device and application issuesIntelligent automation across remediation workflows, resulting in incident preventionOut-of-the-box and customizable runbooks, automatically triggered by Service Desk AlertsInteractive user feedback via Sentiment Surveys to prioritize and optimally resolve issuesSeamless integration with ITSM tools such as ServiceNow for targeted, intelligent ticketing

“Today’s announcement builds on Riverbed’s years of experience in AI and automation. Riverbed Aternity’s expansion of its Intelligent Service Desk capabilities marks a significant milestone to empower organizations with more sophisticated remediations and sentiment to augment human decision-making,” said Richard Tworek, Chief Technology Officer, at Riverbed. “By offloading repetitive and lower-value tasks to AI-driven algorithms and intelligent automation, we’re enabling Digital Workplace teams to not only build a more proactive approach to remediation but also free up more time for human ingenuity.”

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Riverbed Aternity’s Intelligent Service Desk with runbooks and Sentiment Survey integration is now available for organizations seeking to optimize their IT service delivery and enhance the digital experience.

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