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Samsung Electronics Accelerates Development of ‘Dream Memory’ 3D DRAM

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Samsung Electronics has been confirmed to have established a new next-generation memory research and development (R&D) organization to preempt the market of 3D DRAM, often referred to as “dream memory.”

According to industry sources on Jan. 28, Samsung Electronics’ Semiconductor (DS) division recently set up a cutting-edge memory R&D organization in Silicon Valley at its Semiconductor America Headquarters (DSA). Led by Song Jae-hyeok, the chief technology officer (CTO) of Samsung Electronics DS division and head of the Semiconductor Research Institute, this organization is dedicated to pioneering research in 3D DRAM.

3D DRAM is touted as a “game changer” in the memory semiconductor industry, likely to revolutionize the global DRAM market landscape. While current DRAM has a 2D structure with cells densely arranged on a single plane, 3D DRAM can significantly enhance performance by increasing density in the same area, either by laying cells horizontally and stacking them upwards or by using a vertical method with a double-layer cell structure.

Samsung Electronics, drawing on its experience as the world’s first to commercialize 3D vertical structure NAND in 2013, plans to bet on 3D in the DRAM sector as well. In October last year at Samsung Memory Tech Day 2023 held in Silicon Valley, Lee Jeong-bae, president of the Memory Business, announced, “We will be the first to introduce a 3D vertical new structure in DRAM below 10 nanometers.”

At last year’s VLSI Symposium in Japan, Samsung Electronics also presented a paper containing research results on 3D DRAM and provided detailed images of 3D DRAM implemented as actual semiconductors.

Industry experts believe that the company that first develops and mass-produces 3D DRAM will take the lead in the next-generation DRAM market, mirroring the layer competition occurring in the NAND flash market.

Centering on the new organization, Samsung Electronics plans to actively recruit outstanding development talent in Silicon Valley and collaborate with various semiconductor ecosystems. Key executives from global equipment companies such as Applied Materials, Lam Research, and KLA, reportedly attended the opening ceremony of the new organization on Jan. 17.


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