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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5’s huge display upgrade shown off in render

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 is expected to get a big cover display upgrade and we can now take a good look at that in render form.

The replacement for the Galaxy Z Flip 4, the updated model is expected to benefit from a big upgrade in terms of the display that you’re likely to see the most, especially when whipping your phone out of a pocket or a bag. Now a render showing that display in all its glory has been made available online, making it even easier to see why this could be a big improvement over what’s currently on offer.

That render is provided by the folks at SamMobile who say that it’s based on their sources who believe that the new display will be anywhere between three and four inches when measured diagonally. However, it’s expected that the actual size will be towards the bottom end of that range rather than at the very top.


The increased size of the cover display will make it easier than ever to get information at a glance and without first having to open the phone completely. That’s a big deal for a flip phone like this, and it’ll be interesting to see how Samsung and its software make the most use of that additional screen real estate. As shown in this render, the new cover display is expected to take up the vast majority of the panel on which it will sit, a huge upgrade over the much smaller one available on previous Galaxy Z Flip devices.

On the inside, things are less clear in terms of the main display and whether it will have any big changes over the current model. But right now the real thing that everyone is focusing on is that cover display and with good reason.

It also isn’t clear when the Galaxy Z Flip 5 will be announced, but it isn’t expected to be for a good few months just yet.


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