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TCL Electronics partners with Players House

Players House
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TCL Electronics (1070.HK), the global top 2 TV brand, proudly announces a strategic partnership with Players House, a premium sports lounge located at Andaz Hotel in the heart of Palm Jumeirah. This collaboration aims to set a new standard for sports lounges in the UAE by integrating TCL’s state-of-the-art display technology into Players House’s luxurious facilities to offer an unparalleled sports viewing experience for fans and casuals alike.

To celebrate the momentous launch of the venue, TCL Electronics and Players House hosted a viewing party to watch the highly anticipated English Premier League fixture between Arsenal and Brighton, which took place on December 17, 2023. TCL is the Official Regional Partner of Arsenal Football Club. The event provided guests with a sneak peek into the immersive fusion of cutting-edge technology and luxury sports entertainment offered by the establishment.

TCL unveiled its incredible displays including its XL collection of large 4K Mini-LED and QLED TVs, boasting remarkable clarity, precision, and vibrant colours, ensuring that every moment of the game comes to life with incomparable visual impact. With a commitment to innovation, TCL’s displays set a new benchmark for the sports lounge, providing visitors at the lounge with immersive and captivating visuals that transcend traditional boundaries, watching the sport they love.

Commenting on the partnership, Sunny Yang, General Manager of TCL MEA, said, “TCL is excited to collaborate with Players House, a brand synonymous with luxury and immersion. Our vision has always been to provide users with a way to watch sports that capture every second of the action of your favourite match-ups so you feel every moment like you were there. With our innovative display solutions in Players House, we’re not just displaying sports; we’re crafting memories.”

TCL and Players House Partner to create the ultimate sports viewing experience
Image Credit: Supplied

Saif Rubie of Players House, said, “We are happy to team up with TCL Electronics. TCL’s technological prowess aligns seamlessly with our dedication to setting new standards in sports entertainment. We want our discerning customers to not just watch their favourite teams at Players House, but also experience them.”

TCL’s dynamic partnership with Players House promises customers the most extraordinary luxury entertainment experience. With this venture into group sports viewing, TCL is sowing the seeds to establish itself as the ultimate choice for sports enthusiasts seeking the most thrilling and immersive way to watch to their favourite teams.

In addition to the thrill of watching sports with friends and strangers, Players House also offers visitors gourmet dining with a curated menu by top culinary talents, vibrant nightlife excitement as the venue transforms into a hub of energetic socializing, upscale barber shop called The Groom Room where style meets precision, cutting-edge audio at a state-of-the-art podcast and music studio, and finely crafted beverages that tell a story with every sip, ensuring an unforgettable fusion of luxury, entertainment, and exclusivity in the heart of Palm Jumeirah.


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