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TECHNOMET-CONTROL VESA-mount enclosures for control electronics and HMI

METCASE has launched elegant new TECHNOMET-CONTROL aluminum enclosures for electronic control systems, panel PCs, and HMI electronics. They are specifically designed for mounting on standard VESA brackets/arms, walls, machines, and round poles.

TECHNOMET-CONTROL is ideal for indoor applications such as industrial machine control, factory processing, security systems, test and measurement, point-of-sale, IIoT, and detection equipment. It is suitable specifically for Siemens TP displays (sizes KTP400 to TP1200) but can also house touchscreens and displays by other manufacturers, including Beckhoff and B&R.

Slim, attractive TECHNOMET-CONTROL features a modern cohesive design. Diecast front and rear bezels fit flush with the main case body. Snap-on trims hide all the assembly screws. The enclosures are easy and cost-effective to customize in any size, with plenty of space for connectors.

The front panel is recessed in the bezel to protect displays and membrane keypads. At the rear VESA MIS-D 100 mounting points are provided for fitting an off-the-shelf VESA control arm or wall bracket. The base panel on the underside is removable with space for cable entry.

Inside, the assembly extrusions have M3 holes and guide rails to hold internal plates, and the rear panel has M3 PCB pillars. All the case panels are fitted with M4 threaded pillars for earth connections. Some studs can also be used with retaining straps to secure the front and rear panels during maintenance.

TECHNOMET-CONTROL is available as standard in four sizes from 9.05-in. x 7.08-in. to 16.53-in. x 11.81-in., with a slim profile that is just 3.74-in. deep. The standard color is traffic gray A (RAL 7042) or traffic gray A/traffic white (RAL 7042/9016). Custom colors are also available on request.

Accessories include front panels, internal mounting plates, wall mounting kits, and a pole mounting bracket (for poles ⌀1.96-in. or larger).

METCASE can supply TECHNOMET-CONTROL fully customized. Services include bespoke sizes, CNC machining, custom front panels, fixings and inserts, photo-quality digital printing, and painting/finishing.

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