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United Nations Command Hosts Eighth-Annual Logistics Symposium in Korea

More than 200 representatives from 12 nations came together on Camp Humphreys, South Korea for the Eighth-Annual Logistics Symposium Oct. 30 to Nov. 3, 2023.
This year’s event, titled Multinational Force employment: Winning through Sustainment, garnered the largest attendance to date and focused on a wide range of topics such as the history, politics, and geography of the Korean Peninsula and its surrounding areas.

“Through lectures, panels and a wide variety of conversations that occurred throughout the week, we were able to expose our global allies to the rich history of the UNC’s role on the Peninsula, the importance of UNC participation in exercises, and the essential aspects of planning that is consistently on-going here in Korea,” said Brig. Gen. Martine Kidd, director of logistics, United Nations Command. “This year, we also highlighted the importance of the many logistics support arrangements and agreements that underpin multi-national operations, and we provided member participants an overview of the strategic logistics capabilities that exist here in Korea.”

The record attendance further cemented the multi-national operations discussed by Kidd.

“To have 12 nations participate, all with different experiences and perspectives, sharing information in one place has been an incredible experience,” said Col. Edgar Rodriguez, Columbian army. “This showing demonstrates the depth of support for the Armistice and for the Republic of Korea and allows each participant to leave here better informed and able to better support the ROK if there was ever a crisis.”

The symposium further focused on the dynamic and unique logistical challenges present throughout the Peninsula, while encouraging and enabling leaders to exchange ideas on how to overcome the challenges present in this complex environment. This opportunity to collaborate, Rodriguez says, is a unique strength the UNC brings to the Armistice, which celebrated 70 years.
“This event is yet another example of how the international community continues to support the Republic of Korea and the overall level of importance that the Indo-Pacific represents on a global scale,” said Kidd. “As part of the strong fabric of the partners and allies that operate here in the wider Pacific, UNC member states reflect the great many nations that contribute to a free and open Indo-Pacific each and every day.”

This sentiment resonated throughout the four-day event which also underscored the importance logistics plays as a warfighting function.

“Large-scale combat operations are complete with examples of how the sustainment mission was the operation,” said Gen. Paul LaCamera, commander USFK, CFC, UNC. “Keeping lines of communication open for the Marines, the Air Force and Navy is going to be extremely important for us going forward.”
Kidd further echoed Gen. LaCamera’s message to the force.

“The ROK-U.S. Alliance is unparalleled, in many ways. This year’s 8th UNC Logistics Symposium is a testimony to the international support for the peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula and celebrates the largest gathering of international logistics professionals under the UNC flag,” Kidd added.

Leaders from the UNC and contributing nations hope to continue this unparalleled alliance by further dialogue and combined problem solving and look forward to the nineth iteration of the event.



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