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Waldom Electronics Unveils Leadership Changes to Boost Industry Growth

Waldom Electronics is excited to unveil significant updates to its commercial team, aimed at bolstering relationships with suppliers and distributors. These strategic changes introduce new leadership roles to drive industry growth and enhance partner services.

New Leadership Appointments

Rick Rejnert is stepping in as Vice President of Sales for the Americas. He will focus on enhancing collaborations with key national and regional distributors, connecting them with Waldom’s growing product line to support continuous growth.

Chris Fetner has been appointed as Vice President of Supplier Management for the Americas. His role will concentrate on nurturing existing supplier relationships, facilitating the integration of new partners, and exploring opportunities for future collaboration.

Commitment to Growth and Excellence

These organisational updates reflect Waldom’s dedication to refining its commercial approach, prioritising the needs of both supplier and distributor partners. The company is committed to building stronger connections and unlocking new growth avenues.

Don Akery, CEO of Waldom, shared, “We are proud of Waldom’s significant growth over the last three years. These changes mark a pivotal step towards even greater success, underscoring our commitment to innovation and excellence.”

Learn More

For more information on Waldom’s new strategic direction and how it impacts the electronics sector, visit or contact the team directly.


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