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Xiphera and Missing Link Electronics Announce a Partnership for Encrypted Network Accelerator Solutions (ENAS)

February 27, 2024 — Xiphera, Ltd, designing hardware-based security solutions using standardised cryptographic algorithms, and Missing Link Electronics (MLE) with expertise in offloading CPUs and accelerating software-rich system stacks via so-called Domain-Specific Architectures, announce a partnership to introduce Encrypted Network Accelerator Solutions (ENAS). With the joint solutions brought to the market, Xiphera and MLE offer a cryptographically secure and reliable connection between devices over TCP/IP.

The ENAS solutions combine MLE’s highly modular TCP/UDP/IP Network Protocol Accelerator Platform (NPAP) with Xiphera’s TLS 1.3 security protocol solution. While accelerating the device network up to 10/25/50 GigE, the solution implements Transport Layer Security (TLS), a cryptographic security protocol providing end-to-end data security, on top of the MLE’s Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) layer for a more secure and accelerated network communication. The solution is delivered as an IP core for FPGA circuits.

The Encrypted Network Accelerator Solutions are best suited for applications where the highest security level and high-speed data transmission are required, such as critical communications in defence, space technology, and energy production and distribution. Since the TCP/IP stack and the TLS 1.3 security protocol – including importantly both key exchange and key management – are both executed entirely in hardware, the joint solution has both scalable high-speed performance and minimised attack surface, especially when compared to a software-based approach.

“As mission-critical, defence, and energy applications are migrating to AI technology, FPGAs will be the only reliable solution able to provide high-speed data processing at high-level security. ENAS is a great combination of secure (TLS), fast, and reliable (TCP) communication.” said Andreas Schuler, Director Applications, MLE. “We’re helping some industry leaders in these fields to adopt ENAS to enable AI in their next-gen solutions.”

“We are excited about the secure FPGA-based connectivity solutions enabled by ENAS”, said Matti Tommiska, co-founder and CEO of Xiphera. “The increasing demands for both bandwidth and security will benefit from the joint solution developed in the partnership between MLE and Xiphera.”

For more information, visit:

Xiphera’s Encrypted Network Accelerator Solutions page. MLE’s Encrypted Network Accelerator Solutions page.

About Xiphera

Xiphera, Ltd, is a Finnish company designing hardware-based security solutions using standardised cryptographic algorithms. We have strong cryptographic expertise, extensive experience in system design, and deep knowledge on reprogrammable logic, enabling us to protect our customers’ critical information and assets.

Xiphera’s product portfolio consists of secure and efficient cryptographic Intellectual Property (IP) cores, designed directly for Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs). Our widely applicable solutions for various end markets offer our customers peace of mind in a dangerous world.

About MLE

Missing Link Electronics is a Silicon Valley based technology company with offices in Germany. MLE is a partner of leading electronic device and solution providers and has been enabling key innovators in the automotive, industrial, test & measurement markets to build better Embedded Systems, faster.

MLE’s mission is to develop and market technology solutions for Embedded Systems Realisation via pre-validated IP and expert application support, and to combine off-the-shelf FPGA devices with Open- Source Software for dependable, configurable Embedded System platforms. MLE’s expertise is Domain-Specific Architectures I/O connectivity and acceleration of data communication protocols, additionally opening up FPGA technology for analog applications, and the integration and optimisation of Open Source Linux and Android software stacks on modern extensible processing architectures.


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