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PureCipher launches Universal Multiplex Watermarks API Release 1

Solution Developers Can Leverage PureCipher’s UMW APIs to build tools to Ensure Data Authenticity and Integrity

PureCipher™ is pleased to announce the launch of its new AI Security offering, the Universal Multiplex Watermarks™ (UMW) API Release 1. In this release, PureCipher offers a comprehensive set of Application Programable Interface (APIs) from encryption, digital signatures to steganography, and data tampering detection, designed to ensure data integrity.

The UMW APIs can be accessed through our API portal at, or by downloading a docker image through our website. The API portal allows developers to sign up, test, and use our APIs directly, while the docker images enable businesses to develop and deploy solutions using our APIs in their own environments. Both the API portal and the Docker Hub repository can also be accessed at

Wendy Chin, Founder and CEO of PureCipher stated, “Our patent pending UMW technology embeds secure, invisible watermarks into data files, authenticating their origin and safeguarding against tampering and data poisoning. This is particularly vital for maintaining the integrity of data used in AI-driven decision-making systems. Using our UMW technology, the data owners can guarantee their data integrity by having ‘PureCipher Verified’ as their gold standard.”

Dr. William Hahn, Chief Science Officer explained, “The UMW APIs are structured into multiple stages with release 1 focusing on core functionalities. In the near future, we plan to launch Release 2, which will have advance features for data provenance and lineage verification by using blockchain technologies.”

By using PureCipher’s APIs, solution developers will be able to watermark their intended datasets ensuring data integrity and authenticity. When the datasets are tampered in any way, the watermarks will become invalid and will be detected, confirming that the marked data has been tampered. Using an image as an example, if the image is watermarked with another image using our image-image API, and the outcome image is altered, e.g. pixels added/subtracted, filtered/cropped, or compressed, the watermark would not be revealed, thus confirming the original image has been tampered with.

John Carroll, Chief Revenue Officer articulated, “It has always been about the data, and it always will be. With the UMW technology, our clients and partners are saying to PureCipher that this is the most amazing breakthrough in the security world that they have ever seen – finally a way to ensure data integrity for data sensitive industries.” 

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