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66degrees launches expanded AI & Data Transformation service offerings

Fueled by a 6x surge in AI revenue during 2023 and further AI revenue acceleration in 2024, 66degrees, a leading AI and Data consulting and professional services company, announces the launch of its expanded AI and Data Transformation service offerings. This move empowers clients to accelerate their modernization and transformation initiatives, solidifying 66degrees’ position as a trusted partner in this rapidly evolving space.

Driven by the vision of Shaping the Future of Work, 66degrees leverages its specialized services and solutions to help clients become AI-enabled enterprises. Their expanded service offerings, which include AI/ML, Data Platform Modernization, Analytics and Visualization, Cloud Engineering, and Managed Solutions, build upon this foundation, providing clients with proven and sustainable paths to success in their transformation journeys.

All C-Suite executives are quickly realizing that AI must be at the center of their strategy to drive customer experience, business operations, and employee productivity,” said Ben Kessler, President of 66degrees. “66degrees’ expanded services and solutions guide clients through their AI and Data Transformation journey that leads to the end goal of an AI-powered enterprise. We support our clients on their journey by helping modernize their data and applications, activate data-driven decision making in their organizations, transform with GenAI and AI-led solutions, and then continuously evolve their solutions. Our services and solutions culminate in allowing clients to pull and stay ahead of their competition.”

Unparalleled Expertise, Global Delivery:To ensure project delivery at speed and scale, 66degrees has strategically expanded its Global Resource Centers across the United States, Canada, India, Costa Rica, Brazil, and the United Kingdom. This expansion grants clients direct access to a wider pool of highly skilled AI and Data specialists, ready to guide them throughout their transformation journey.

Proven Track Record, Tangible Results:Clients have already seen significant value through 66degrees’ existing data and AI services. Examples include:

Transforming customer experiences with AI-powered solutionsImproving employee productivity and operational efficiency with GenAIDriving millions in annual savings through modernized data platforms

This proven track record empowers 66degrees to provide clients with confidence and a clear roadmap to successful data and AI transformation.

“Our clients are looking to utilize AI and their data for competitive advantages. I am most passionate about the use cases that look at improving customer experience and delighting their customers as they engage,” said Carrie Steyer, Chief Customer Officer at 66degrees. “I use the word delight on purpose, as I know that humans change behaviors based on emotion.  So, I believe that the most interesting work we are doing is helping our clients create delightful emotions in their customers as that will unlock value beyond what they could imagine.”

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